Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Bouncy House Release this Friday!

This Friday, November 15, bound on over to Smuttynose at 4pm to try our newest Short Batch release, Bouncy House!

What is Bouncy House?  It's the next step in our quest to brew the perfect low-alcohol, high-flavor, hoppy American ale.  We learned a few things from brewing ParadoX earlier this year, like lowering the alcohol content and avoiding the terms "session" and "IPA."

When you taste Bouncy House, you'll taste a modest malt bill of North American 2-row, British pale ale malt, C-60 and Aromatic malt mashed for a refreshingly light body that leaves plenty of spotlight for a melange of Warrior, Calypso, El Dorado and Citra hops.

In-house, organoleptic tasting left us with some great first impressions, but Team Smuttynose wants to know what you think.  If you're on Untappd, please check in with a comment for us.  If you're tweeting, please use the #bouncyhouse hashtag.  You can also send us direct email or leave note on our Facebook page.  Your feedback will help guide any changes for the next brew.

To encourage your experimentation, we're offering 22 ounce bottles of Bouncy House for just $3 at Smuttynose and in the off-premise trade.  Draft prices will be difficult to peg exactly, but they'll be in line with what you can expect to pay for our year-round beers. 

So please come say hello, have a beer and speak your mind this weekend.  We're looking forward to it!


Scott said...

Kudos on making a session ipa! I liked it. When cold, I thought it was unbalanced on the hop side, but as it warmed up, the malt flavors emerged. Still could be a tad less hop-forward. Wouldn't hurt to make it more like 4% ABV either. I like hoppy beers, but I'd like to see more emulation of the English. Nuance: what a concept!

Brian B said...

Drank a few of these in Cambridge mass. Great blend of fruit and citrus. Perfect balance for a well hopped session beer.Best new beer this year