Thursday, January 20, 2005

S'Muttonator Doppelbock - First Edition

1/20/05 - S'Muttonator Doppelbock - S'Muttonator had been released and is probably lurking in your local liquor store ready to butt heads. Watch out, though, don't ram it home 'cause this sucker's 9.6% ABV and right now they're going down pretty smooth. This is the first new release in the Big Beer Series since the Big A IPA in 2002, and I'm glad to get the ok to put out some new distinct beers. We once again utilized the dreaded double decoction to give this beer its unique malty sweetness. Like all our Big Beers this was double batched to hit the starting gravity we look for in these beers, and each batch did take about 15 hours which is a long time to wait for that end of shift pint (especially for The Charles.) I'm looking forward to trying this beer in a year of so, but right now it's tasting swell though slightly immature. Remember that this beers decocted so you don't have to be.

Pale (2-Row) Malt
Munich Malt
CaraFa II

ABV - 9.6%

IBU 42
Bittering and aroma - Hersbrucker Hallertau