Friday, August 29, 2014

Cluster's Last Stand Update- Release Now September 6

Hello Beer Drinkers,

This is just a quick note to let you know we've pushed back the Towle Farm Cluster's Last Stand release one week to Saturday, September 6 shipments to wholesalers will begin on Monday, September 8

We would have liked to stick to the schedule, but there was a delay printing the labels and we can not bottle without labels! Stay tuned to our Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for pictures of bottling,: because seeing beer being packaged is almost as fun drinking it, but not really.  

We hope you all have a safe and happy holiday weekend. We'll be open our regular hours Saturday, Sunday and Monday, if you need a beer on your I-95 travels or cookouts.


Monday, August 11, 2014

Cluster's Rides Again September 1!

Just over a year ago, Smuttynose collaborated with Stone Brewing Co. to brew a beer called Cluster's Last Stand. Inspired by Mitch Steele's comprehensive book on India Pale Ale, this recreation of the original Ballantine IPA recipe was brewed for research purposes and so we could put to use a beer name we'd been sitting on for over five years. Luckily, Mitch, Greg Koch and Steve Wagner; the Stone brain trust, were on board for a 30 barrel batch.

Not very many folks got to drink Cluster's Last Stand, but a lot of people sure wanted to. Our email inbox and social media channels were full of messages from people far and wide who wanted to get this old school hoppiness in their beer glasses. We were certainly game to brew more Cluster's, but we simply didn't have the capacity at Heritage Ave. Now that we're up and running in our new home at Towle Farm, we called Team Stone for their second thumbs and we began taking pre-orders.

After doing some math, we scheduled 7 batches in order to make the 540 barrels of beer we needed. That's the equivalent of almost 100,000 22oz bottles in this limited edition re-brew. We will be splitting the batch into both 22-ounce bottles and kegs, so you can enjoy a pint at your favorite bar or restaurant, as well as in the comfort of your own home. Bottles will first release at our Towle Farm Smerch store for $9 each, with wholesaler orders rolling out shortly after.

Cluster's Last Stand Stats

8.8% abv 62 IBU
Malts: North American 2-Row, Flaked Maize, Munich 10L, C-60
Hops: Bittering- Cluster, Flavor- Brewer's Gold and East Kent Golding, Dry Hop-Bullion
Yeast: American ale yeast
Production: 540 barrels packaged in 22 ounce bottles, 5.2 gallon kegs and 15.5 gallon kegs.

Distribution: CA, CT, DC, DE, FL, GA, Germany, IL, IN, Italy, KY, MA, MD, ME, MI, NC, NH, NJ, NY, OH, PA, Puerto Rico, RI, SC, South Korea, TN, United Kingdom, VA, VT, WI

Smuttlabs: Schmutzig debuts August 23

The Smuttlabs train is really starting to roll! Our next release, Schmutzig, will be available in the Smerch Store at the Towle Farm brewery at 10am, Saturday, August 23rd. Schmutzig (6% abv) showcases the interplay between hefeweizen yeast and Sterling and Crystal hops. It's hoppy like an IPA, but firmly grounded in Bavaria, thanks to its hefeweizen roots. If you can't quite imagine what that's like, you've just given yourself a great reason to come and try it for yourself! The 375ml bottles are $6 each and we have 50 cases for sale at the brewery. There will also be sample tasters.

Shipments to all our markets, including 77 cases of bottles, begin on Monday, August 25. We brewed 100 barrels of Schmutzig, (our largest Smuttlabs release to date) which means it'll get farther out into the world than say Brett & I or Hugs 'n Rainbows, but it is still pretty limited. Stay tuned to social media for all our latest updates.

We'll see you at the Farm!

Schmutzig Stats

15 IBU, 6% abv
Malts: North American 2-Row, Wheat Malt, Munich 10L
Hops: Bittering- Magnum, Flavoring- Sterling, Dry Hop- Crystal
Yeast: Hefeweizen
Production: 100 barrels
Distribution: CA, CT, DC, FL, GA, IL, IN, KY, MA, MD, ME, MI, NC, NH, NJ, NY, OH, PA, RI, SC, TN, VA, VT, WI

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Big Beer Series: Tripel releases 8/16

As we look for inspiration for new Big Beers, the tendency has always drifted towards the next thing or an unusual ingredient. One style we had never done, which makes it seem like we overlooked something kind of obvious for 20 years, was the Belgian tripel. If you've had some of the classics of the style, then you know what to expect.

The golden color is misleading, causing the new tripel drinker to expect something subtle, if not downright benign, but that couldn't be further from the truth. Sweet, round and full of fruity esters from our distinctive Belgian-style yeast strain, Smuttynose Tripel is a perfect for sipping but also highly versatile at the table, pairing well with anything from salads and fish, to richly spiced entrees.

We'll be releasing 22-ounce bottles of Tripel for $6 at Smuttynose on August, 16 at 11am and shipments will begin that Monday, August 18.

See you at the Farm!

Smuttynose Tripel Stats

8.2% abv 25 IBU 19° Plato
Malts: North American 2-Row, Aromatic, Wheat, Carapils
Hops: Sterling
Other Ingredients: Clear Belgian-style candi syrup
Yeast: Trappist Ale Yeast

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Malt, Hops Rules!

The East Coast vs. West Coast Punk Rock Brew Tour kicks off its fourth year on August 12 at Idle Hands in New York City.

The antidote for a near endless run of template tap takeovers, EC/WC is brought to you by four of America's leading breweries: Smuttynose, Lagunitas, Sixpoint and Sierra Nevada.

How is EC/WC different? 1) Each brewery will be bringing an IPA and a lighter offering (think pilsner, kolsch, summer beer). Any other beers (and there WILL be other beers) will be aged, rare or in some cases, brewery-only. The lists will vary for each event. 2) Tour stops will feature either live punk, metal or stoner rock bands or DJ sets spinning heavy tunes from both coasts. 3) Sunday events are afternoon matinees. 4) There are 18 events in 3 weeks.

All dates will feature additional guest breweries, like Dark Horse, Bronx Brewing, Great Lakes and Troegs. Sunday shows will be brunch matinees and seven or eight events will feature live bands. 

Unlike Warped Tour, we'll have much better beer, no underage kids and certainly no signs telling you not mosh or crowd surf. This is the summertime heavy music experience you really want!

For updates and some of our favorite videos, make sure to follow East Coast West Coast on Facebook.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Smuttlabs: Brett & I returns!

Heads up, funky beer junkies!

Brett & I, the newest Smuttlabs release is packaged and ready to go.

We'll be releasing bottles at the Towle Farm brewery on Saturday, August 2 at 11am. The crown-finished, 375ml bottles are $12 each and there is no bottle limit. There are 24 cases, which maths into 288 bottles. We won't be filling growlers with Brett & I, due to the limited amount of beer we have.

If you don't live near the brewery, fret not. Kegs will begin shipping to wholesalers in CT, DC, IL, MA, MD, ME, NC, NH, NY, PA,VA, and VT on Monday, August 4.

What is Brett & I? Brett & I is a 6%, barrel-aged, golden beer that takes 13 months to make. After an initial fermentation with our house Trappist ale yeast, the beer is transferred to red wine barrels where it ages with a Brettanomyces Bruxellensis, a yeast first discovered in British beers. "Brett Brux" adds the slightly sour, earthy accent which makes Brett & I such a rare treat.

We've released Brett & I twice in the past, which means some of you have been waiting patiently for this next release. We hope you enjoy this release too.

Monday, June 30, 2014

T for Tennessee!

 Thank you, Tennessee!  We're happy to be within your friendly confines!

Beginning tomorrow, July 1, beer drinkers in a nine county area radiating from Chattanooga will be able enjoy Smuttynose beers wherever craft beer is sold.  We've signed on with Carter Distributing, who will now distribute Smuttynose beer throughout Bradley, Hamilton, McMinn, Marion, Meigs, Monroe, Polk, Rhea and Sequatchie counties.  

Tony Giannasi, Carter's Craft Brands Manager has set-up a great string of roll-out events that will feature some combination of Smuttynose's year round beers; Finestkind IPA, Old Brown Dog, Shoals Pale Ale, Bouncy House IPA, Vunderbar Pilsner and Robust Porter, as well as current seasonal release, Summer Weizen.  Big Beer Series releases will be coming to Carter in the near future. 

In the meantime, please come out and join us for a Smuttynose; you'll be glad you did!

7/1 Heaven and Ale “Beer of the Month” kickoff with six beers on tap, plus glassware
      and prize giveaways; for the rest of the month, there will be three Smuttynose beers on tap.
7/2 Tremont Tavern tasting with glassware giveaways
7/8 Meet The Founder at Heaven and Ale with prize giveaways
7/10 Brewhaus tasting and glassware giveaway
7/18 Riverside Beverage growler fill specials
7/25 Sigler’s Craft Beer and Cigars Tap Takeover
8/1 Sturmhaus Pint Night
8/8 Universal Joint Tap Takeover

Untappd users, don't forget that you can earn an exclusive Bouncy House IPA badge when you check in our new session IPA during the month of July!

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Smuttynose Spreads Beer-therly Love

Philly Beer Week was founded in 2008 and has set the benchmark for beer weeks around the world. It's a giant pile of awesome that we're excited to add some Granite State flavor to the mix. There'll be Bouncy House, Finestkind, Smuttlabs and a few other limited releases for your drinking pleasure during some of the most creative beer events we've seen. Take a look, plan ahead and join Joanna for tons of fun!

Smuttynose Philly Beer Week Events:

Fri., 5/30- 5pm-Lucky's Last ChanceSmuttynose & Oskar Blues Tap Takeover

Sat., 5/31- 4 to 7pm- Bar 31- Smuttynose vs. Heavy Seas vs. Stone

Sat., 5/31- 9pm- Xfinity Live-Smuttynose vs. Heavy Seas vs. Stone

Sun., 6/1- 6pm- BarLy- Girl Power Hour! 60 tap takeover celebrating the women of craft beer, featuring Allagash, Dogfish Head, Ommegang, Yards, Great Lakes, Sly Fox, Flying Fish, Evolution, Smuttynose, Oskar Blues, Sam Adams, and Firestone Walker.

Mon., 6/2- 5 to 7pm- Druid's Keep- Corn Hole Tournament with Smuttynose, Flying Fish and Ithaca

Mon., 6/2- 5 to 10pm- BarLy- Several super 'S'-breweries serving suds. Smuttynose, Shawnee Craft, Sixpoint, Susquehanna Brewing Co, Sly Fox. Surprise stars! Special snacks!

Tues., 6/3- 6 to 9pm- Whole Foods Plymouth Meeting Rooftop- "Hips & Hops, a Yoga, Music and Beer Experience"  This collaborative event produced by Whole Foods Plymouth Meeting, Yoga Home and Smuttynose, is perfect for downward dogs, warriors and trees who want to enjoy a few beers after some time on the mat.  Book your space ahead of time at

Weds., 6/4- 5 to 8pm- Spinnerstown Hotel- Smuttynose hosts 3rd Annual Beard and Mustache Competition!  
Come enjoy some Smuttynose on draft and show off your mustache. If you don’t have a mustache, you can raise your glass to those who do!  $15 buys you a special glass that can be filled for two hours. Judging for the competition will be held at 8pm by the professionals at Modern Male Barber in Sellersville.

Weds., 6/5- 10pm to 2am- Varga Bar- Lip Sync with Smutty and Southern Tier!

Thurs., 6/6- 7 to 9pm- Bottle Bar East- Beer and Burlesque

Friday., 6/7- 7 to 9pm- Bottle Bar East- Brews and Tattoos

Saturday., 6/8- 12 to 2pm- The Foodery on 10th and Pine- Smuttynose Tasting!