Monday, November 15, 2010

The Mermaid Speaks!

I recently sent a questionnaire to Miss Dixie Von Trixie, the model found on our Star Island Single label.  If you're like me, you've often wondered where that flame-haired mermaid came from.  Here's a peak beyond the flipper!

Amanda Suter (aka Dixie von Trixie),  Dixie is my stage name as a burlesque performer.

Vintage clothing dealer, graphic designer, burlesque performer, singer, artist, jewelry designer, all around nutty gal.

Relation to Smuttynose:
Joanne came into my work, which at that time, was a vintage clothing boutique in the Hillcrest neighborhood of San Diego. She was here for Craft Brewers Conference (in 2008). She asked me if I would ever be interested in posing as a mermaid. I exclaimed, "Are you kidding me?! That's like my childhood dream come true!" So, she snapped a pic of me to show Peter on her cell phone and the rest is history.

Astrological sign and your last night meal on Death Row:
I'm an Aries in every sense. Even down to the fire red hair. My last meal would probably be Paneer Tikka Masala with lots of saffron rice, garlic naan bread and mint chutney. To drink, I think I would have an ice cream float made with Raspberry Lambic beer.

Have you modeled before?  What for?
Yes I have. I started modeling at age 17. A photography teacher took notice of me in high school (nothing creepy! haha) and wanted to do some vintage-styled shots. From this, various pro photographers contacted me for various things, usually always vintage-styled. There was a time back in the early 2000's where the whole vintage pinup model thing really took off in Southern California. There were a small handful of girls who became well known for this and I was one of them. I've been in ads for the Las Vegas Tourism Bureau, been in ads as Miss Beauty Bar for Las Vegas, been in calendars for Speedvision, been on numerous record and cd covers around the world, and have been portrayed in famous subculture art pieces. I was also asked to pose for pictures by the famous couture clothing designer Jeremy Scott at his home in Los Angeles. It's been a wild and crazy ride.

What did you think when we first contacted you?
This is AWESOME!!! I can't wait to try my fin on!!!

What all do you remember about the shoot and your trip to NH?
It was so much fun. Portsmouth was so lovely, old, and gorgeous. I loved looking around the town. My boyfriend loved all of the beer, haha. And the beaches are so different than our beaches here in Southern California. I loved them and how these amazing huge old houses were by themselves right by the beach. It looked like something out of a movie. Oh and the old graveyards in peoples' yards, I LOVED that. So cool. Anyhow, the day we shot it was cold and rainy outside. I was so freaked out that my hair was going to completely fall down. Here I was in just a bikini top and my fin in freezing cold water, having to pose all these different ways and look super happy go lucky. But the minute I got in the water my body adjusted and I was fine- it was so weird. And my hair withstood the rain! It was a miracle. But everyone was so great and generous to my boyfriend and I. The whole experience was such a fun, happy time for me. I love telling people about it. 

 How did you discover your calling for burlesque dancing?  What keeps you shimmying and shawing?
Well, I love to sing. Back when I was 22, I was singing karaoke at this hipster bar in San Diego. These girls approached me about joining their burlesque troupe that night; they liked my presence on stage. I didn't know a hoot about burlesque back then. That was 7 years ago. That was the only troupe in SD at the time. I was in that troupe until we dismantled back in 2006. From there, I started my own troupe and we are still together to this day. We have girls all over the West Coast in my troupe and I've been featured in various publications because of my work in burlesque. I perform a lot more on my own now but we will still get all together for the occasional fabulous show here and there. Burlesque is a way to let loose; it's fun. You get to make outrageous costumes and people really dig it. Women especially love to watch it. 

People ask all the time about your hair in the photo (which is the same in all your other photos).  Is it a wig?
Nope, it's my hair. I started dying it this color, "Crimson," about 5 years ago. People have always thought that my hair is a wig in it's various different colors and lengths. I just have tons of hair on my head. Thanks Dad! I'm known for my hair. It always weirds me out because, come on people, it's just hair! ;)

San Diego is a beer town.  Are you a beer drinker?  If so what would I find in your fridge?
Hahaha you're gonna hate this, but I'm not much of a beer girl. When I do drink beer it's usually in the form of a Michelada (mexican beer, lime juice, various sauces and seasonings), or a Red Beer (beer with Bloody Mary mix in it). However, I do drink my Star Island Single beer with a mexican seasoning called Tajin (a Mexican spice blend of chilis, salt, and dehydrated lime juice)  in it. I also tend to like sour ales. Oh yes, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE any of the Lambic fruity beers. My dad is a HUGE beer drinker / snob though. He loves really strong, skunky IPA's. Those are really popular here in SD. 

Tell me about Dixie?  What should we all know that doesn’t come across on the page?  How much of your offstage persona shows up on stage?
 Dixie is Amanda. If anything, Amanda is even naughtier than Dixie, haha. Dixie is known as the Southern Belle from Hell- a little south of the border (being so close to Mexico) and a little Deep South (my family's roots).  Dixie is campy and fun and glamorous, but also creepy and weird. I grew up idolizing Bettie Page and Jessica Rabbit, (I owe both of them a lot for who I am on stage) as well as the old Russ Meyer girls, from his movies. I think Dixie is a combo of all of them, but then, so am I. My whole life revolves around vintage things. I'm a vintage-styled girl with a kick-in-the-pants modern edge.

What else should we know about you?
That I want to come back and visit Portsmouth!!! :D

If you're looking for some great jewelry, check out Dixie's Etsy shop, Magenta Tarantula:

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