Friday, January 30, 2009

Schmutzig Hopfen Weisse, our newest Short Batch

Last fall I received an invite from Dave Brodrick to help celebrate the marriage to his beautiful wife, Iris. Dave (of Blind Tiger renown) asked me to brew a beer for the event. Happy to oblige, I tossed around the idea of several different styles but kept coming back to late-addition hoppy beers. I knew I wanted a session beer for the wedding and had recently been enjoying the Brooklyner Schneider Hopfen Weiss. I wasn’t looking for a beer quite that strong and so dialed back the starting gravity to be inline with a more traditional hefeweizen. The beer itself ended up with a bit too much banana character from the yeast as the ’Shire was hit with a massive ice storm the day after we brewed. We lost power for a day and a half (even that wasn’t too bad as some folk were out of power for weeks) which caused a warmer fermentation than desired. Instead of a nice mix of fruit and clove, it was definitely skewed toward the banana character, but the huge, floral notes of the hops actually balance quite nicely. Think Juicy Fruit. All in all, I think it’s an excellent beer.


Bittering: Magnum
Flavoring: Sterling
Dry Hop: Sterling & Centennial

IBU: 15
S.G. 15° Plato
T.G. 2.6°
ABV 5.8%




Anonymous said...

Is the Belgian Quad being released? I live in Concord and shop at Barb's. Haven't seen it yet. Any update?

Scott said...

Where is this interesting-sounding short release to be enjoyed?

Mutual Fund Guru said...

it's mid-March and I still haven't seen the Imperial Stout in stores around Portsmouth. It seems like we're sometimes the last to get your big beers when they come out, you guys have any thoughts or know of any stores in the area that have it?

Anonymous said...


If you've not checked them out already, Gary's on Deer Street in Portsmouth, and Smiley's in Dover tend to have the best selection when it comes to Smuttynose Big Beers.