Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Short Batch - The Gnome

THE GNOME (first sampled in early '07)
In the fall of '06 I met Chris Bauweraerts from the Brasserie d'Achouffe at an MBAA meeting in Brooklyn. Having seen one of possibly many Smuttynose logos that are generally strewn throughout my attire, he thanked me for advertising his brewery. After bemusingly accepting his thanks, I had to inquire if he had mistaken me for someone else. But he said no, the IPA we make has two old men sitting next to a "chouffe." I had to laugh. I then asked him if he was taking credit for every gnome in the US. With a quick nod, he curtly and somberly replied, "Yes." So, I figured if Chris could steal credit for all gnomes he certainly wouldn't mind if I poached on the name.

The Gnome was brewed in homage to the recent arrivals of hoppy Belgian beers that we're starting to see here in the US. I was really shooting for that beautifully soft hopping that's found in the Houblon Chouffe, however, the Gnome has developed its own unique characteristics and flavor profile. The base beer is a Belgian triple brewed with White Labs Chimay-style yeast. I really liked the fruit character from this yeast, but man, that stuff still hasn't dropped bright. The hopping was done with Vanguard, Sterling and East Kent Goldings. I think this beer has a lot of potential, though I'd like another shot at brewing the style. There is a very limited amount of this beer, so if you happen to see it on tap, go ahead and share a pint with your gnomies! (Dan Schubert made me put that in. Really. I know it's corny. You gotta blame him. Really: dan@smuttynose.com)

Weyermann Pilsner Malt
Cane Sugar

OG - 20° p
TG - 4.2° p

IBU 75
Vanguard Bittering Hops
Sterling Flavor Additions
East Kent Goldings Dry Hop

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