Friday, April 29, 2011

What's Golden, Malty, and Frequently Seen With Goats?

Nearly three months after its brew day, Smuttynose Maibock is bottled and conditioning in our warehouse.  Maibock is the third Big Beer release of 2011 and marks the second time we've run 22-ounce bottles on our new filler.  This year's release tips the scales at 8.7% abv and will begin shipping out the week of May 9.

Maibock was decoction mashed just like every other year and this traditional German technique really pulls some extra deliciousness to the front of this beer.  The rich, almost grapey malt character pairs amazingly well with Herbs de Provence Chevre from New Hampshire's own Heart Song Farm, one of the pairings we'll be featuring in our "Granite State of Mind" salon at the year's SAVOR event in Washington DC.  If you won't be able to attend the event, we suggest pairing Maibock with traditional German pork dishes, wursts, schnitzels, and so on.

Finally, I can share that we'll be brewing Homunculus during the second week of May.